BMX Trade Team Organisation

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In 2006 BMX worldwide will be taken to the next level.
There is one level left - professionalism.
At the 2005 Worlds in Paris a new organisation was founded.

BMXTTO - BMX Trade Team Organisation.

This organisation will allow Trade Teams to become officially recognized by the UCI in 2007.
All teams with a professional structure (mechanic, teammanager, team tent) with at least 1 Junior and 2 Elite riders (male or female) can become a member of BMXTTO.

We are looking for:

- visibility of trade teams
- progress of the sport
- future of BMX
- more sponsors in the sport
- more media (TV)

It is important to know this is all for the progress of the sport.

BMXTTO is now official.

It is officialy registered and members are accepted now.

BMXTTO members are:

- teams that have at least 2 Elite riders and 1 Junior rider (male or female), who are not a member of a National team, and participate in the events on the UCI calendar (the rider must participate in these competitions with it's team and wearing the official jersey of their team) ;


- technical professional support for the athletes and/or the teams that participate in the events of the UCI calendar;


- an organizer of high level events or a promoter of events.

Long story short....

Riders of a team that is member of BMXTTO are not allowed to race in their national jersey at events other then the World Championship and the Olympics.